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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit to participate?
Participants must be at least 13 years old.  This is not a legal age requirement but an average for maturity and schooling background.  Please email us if you would like to have a younger participant attend.

What types of flight simulators exist?
Some of the advanced flight simulators cost almost as much per hour as the real aircraft. Our simulators have four high-resolution screens with flight controls and were designed for both the experienced and non-experienced participants.

Will the flight simulator courses help me with real flying?
Yes, definitely. Flying is a multi-task occupation. Therefore, if one of those tasks is overwhelming you during flight, you are most likely not efficiently utilizing the flight lesson time. The flight simulator courses are put together to give you an introduction to the different tasks and challenges of the real sky.

What are the cost benefits of flying in the simulator first?
For the cost of a single one-hour flight lesson in an actual aircraft, you could have a 2 hour simulator lesson plus nearly four hours of simulator time to practice and master what you learned.  Learning and practicing in the simulator could save you more than a thousand dollars by taking simulator flight lessons first.

Should I fly an airplane or helicopter? Which one is more difficult to fly?
Fly the one you are dreaming of flying: Airplanes and helicopters require training to fly and we will teach you step by step.  Both are not difficult to fly with proper training.  Landings for airplanes and hover and landings for helicopters both require more effort and training.  In the real world, helicopters are significantly more expensive to fly.

Does the flight simulator time count towards a pilot certificate?
Not directly but procedural training are directly applicable to real world flying. A number of our students have gone on to take introductory flights and have been able to complete nearly the entire flight based on training received in the simulator.  Yes.  They did pretty much everything except the landing.  Many of the flight simulator lessons are given by FAA certified instructors and as such the lessons can be logged as ground instruction towards a pilot certificate.  Please inquire if interested in pursuing a license as restrictions do apply.  Please note that BFSA is a simulator only operation and does not offer flight instruction but can direct interested parties to local clubs or flight schools.

Should I take simulator training before or during real flight training?
The simulator is a great way to obtain an overview of aviation. Therefore, we recommend taking the courses you enjoy before real flight training or even before an introductory or discovery flight.  One does not need to take any simulator courses to start flight training.  However, after taking our airplane basics course, many of our students have commented that they could not imagine jumping into a first lesson without having had the simulator lessons.

How can I schedule a lesson?
Please email us and indicate if you want to fly an airplane or helicopter. An instructor will then contact you to schedule your lesson.

What do I need to bring with me for the lesson?
We recommend flexible shoes, definitely no boots. It will give you more controls over the foot pedals.

What if I have to cancel my lesson?
There is no fee if cancelled or rescheduled three days in advance. A reschedule fee of 50% will apply if rescheduled with less than three days notice.  No refunds for no-shows and same day cancellations if lesson start time is before 12 PM.

Can I schedule multiple lessons in one day?
Yes, except for your very first course. Flying a simulator is very intense, and you will need some rest after your first lesson.

Who will be my instructor?
Airplane and Helicopter:  This will depend on scheduling.

Is there public transportation to Beverly Airport?
Unfortunately, there is no public transportation.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?
Yes, we have Gift Certificates available.  Certificates are sent via email and can be printed in color for best presentation.

Where can I take real flight training?
Your instructor will be more than happy to assist you to find the best flight school for you, based on where you live and what your goals are.  Boston Flight Simulator Academy is not associated with any flight school directly.  As such, we can offer you an unbiased perspective on local area flight schools.

What is the cheapest option to obtain a pilot certificate?
The cheapest and fastest option is to start with the flight simulator courses and then to obtain an Airplane Sport Pilot Certificate. Not all courses offered are required or suggested.  Your instructor will be more than happy to assist you.

I am interested in becoming a professional pilot. Do you have some information?
Yes, please ask your instructor for career planning and tips.


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